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Egg Flat Pallet System / Pakster Tray Lock System

Tray Lock Pallets and Divider Panels are constructed of heavy-duty high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The ridge around the top of the pallet keeps trays from sliding. Leg configuration has all rounded corners for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
Approximate Part Weight: 26.44 pounds

Tray Lock Divider Panel

Smooth finish for easy loading, unloading, and cleaning. Perimeter locking design holds trays securely on top while grasping onto empty egg trays below. "Hand holes" are below the surface of the panel for ease of handling stacks.
Approximate Part Weight: 4.98 pounds
Lead Time: Start 2-3 weeks ARO

Panel Corner Openings

Unique design allows stacks of eggs to be removed without physically lifting over locking ridge. Turn stacks 1/8th of a turn and trays will easily slide without lifting.

Complete Unit

30 cases ready to be shipped. The tray lock system weighs approximately 60 to 80 pounds less than using wood pallets and plywood panels.

Time and field tested!

For food safety reasons, the Tray Lock Sanitary System has been endorsed by the United Egg Producers.


  • * 500 Minimum order required for custom colors.