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Pakster Injection Molded Egg Flats: there's no better way to transport your eggs. Our special injection-molded material results in years of dependable performance. Your best choice for exceptional convenience, economy and egg protection.
  • The most durable of their kind on the market today.
  • Built to withstand heavy use and washing.
  • Designed to nest closely, reducing storage-space requirements and inbound freight cost.
  • Engineered with special lugs to allow quick, easy de-nesting.
  • Extended service life and competitive pricing for long-term economy and efficiency.
  • Produced from Polypropylene.
  • Easy to wash, thanks to a smooth surface.
  • High molecular weight results in low product weight plus exceptional durability for years of service.
  • Performs well at any temperature.
  • Highly resistant to the effects of strong detergents and disinfectants.
  • Moisture resistant to prevent breakdown.
  • 4,700 egg baskets to 53' truckload
  • 4,000 egg baskets to 40' container
  • 2,000 egg baskets to 20' container
  • 90 egg baskets to a skid
Dimensions: 11.6875" x 11.6875"
Weight: 5 oz
Colors: Yellow, White, Red, Green and Blue


  • * 500 Minimum order required for custom colors.