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High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials provide longer service life and safer handling. Pakster Coops are designed to protect your poultry investment at minimal cost. With 49% open area, Pakster Coops provide superior ventilation to keep your birds healthy during transportation. All door openings have smoothly rounded corners to minimize bruising and wing injuries. Lightweight Pakster Coops make bird loading safe, quick and easy. The door-latch system of the Center Door Coop is recognized as the best in the industry. Pakster Coops are designed with a positive top-and-bottom interlocking system to make your load secure. Poultry haulers increase the number of birds per load with Pakster Coops while remaining within legal weight restrictions. Two door styles offer you alternatives to suit your level of automation. Coops are available with a lightweight aluminum angle iron to prevent chain or strap damage on the outside row.
  • HDPE plastic is lightweight but tough enough to use at extreme temperatures
  • HDPE Pakster Coops are maintenance-free and will not corrode like metal cages
  • HDPE's smooth, easy-to-clean surface will resist stringent detergents, disinfectants or poultry waste
  • Each coop holds 8-10 birds at 5-7 lb. per hen or broiler
  • Most durable on the market
  • Exceptional Door-latch System provides durability for years of service
  • Two door styles: Center Door & Half Door
  • Versatile
  • Top-and-Bottom Interlocking System
  • Loads and stacks securely
  • Minimum coop order 2
  • 776 coops hand stacked per 53' truckload
  • 504 coops hand stacked per 40' container
  • 215 coops hand stacked per 20' container
  • 20 coops per 40x48 pallet
Dimensions: 35" x 23.5" x 10.25" 
Colors: Custom colors available for larger orders


  • * 500 Minimum order required for custom colors.